Frequently Asked Questions

 1. Why is the turnaround time so lengthy for custom wigs? 10-21 business days?

We empathize with your desire for a more expedited turnaround time for your custom unit. Allow us to provide a comprehensive explanation for the 10-21 business day timeframe, ensuring transparency and professionalism. Our commitment to delivering exceptional quality compels us to establish a realistic timeframe that safeguards both our customers and wig makers from potential delays. It is important to consider the intricate nature of the wig industry and the various factors influencing the production process. We could source from vendors with shorter timeframes; however, those vendors do not meet our quality standards at this time. The global nature of the industry means that many crucial elements, such as sourcing raw hair and obtaining essential supplies, require coordination with suppliers located in different parts of the world. They are always one day ahead of us due to the time difference. The preparation of raw hair, including wefting, washing, and drying, alone can take up to 5 business days. For customers selecting steam-processed textures like curly or deep wave, an additional 3 days are necessary. Once the inventory is ready, shipping typically takes around 5 business days to be received by our team. Upon receiving the inventory, our wig makers embark on the meticulous process of fulfilling each order. This involves customizations, constructing the unit, washing, and styling. It is worth noting that prior orders, including color jobs and precise cutting for bobs, might be already in progress. This comprehensive process, along with the existing order queue, can lead to a total timeframe of approximately 12-21 business days and 3 additional business days during high volume sales. We genuinely appreciate your patience and understanding as we work diligently to fulfill orders promptly. Rest assured that we continually explore ways to optimize our processes without compromising the quality and attention to detail that sets us apart. If you would like an order update please don't hesitate to reach out. 

2. What is raw hair?

Raw hair refers to unprocessed, natural human hair that has not undergone any chemical treatments or alterations. It is collected directly from the donor's head and typically comes from a single donor to maintain uniformity in texture and quality.

The term "raw hair" is often associated with premium quality hair extensions or wigs. Here are some key features and characteristics of raw hair:

Unprocessed and natural: Raw hair is collected in its natural state, without undergoing any chemical treatments such as perming, coloring, or relaxing. It retains its original texture, color, and overall quality.

Cuticle intact: The cuticle, which is the protective outer layer of the hair strand, remains intact in raw hair. This preserves the hair's natural strength, shine, and resilience.

Versatile texture: Raw hair is available in various textures, including straight, wavy, curly, or kinky. Each texture retains its natural pattern, allowing individuals to choose the texture that matches their own hair or desired style.

High quality: Raw hair is considered to be of superior quality due to its unaltered nature. It tends to be more durable, long-lasting, and less prone to tangling or matting compared to processed hair.

Customizable: Raw hair offers versatility for customization. It can be colored, permed, or heat-styled to achieve different looks while still maintaining its overall quality.

Ethical sourcing: Ethical sourcing is an important aspect of raw hair. It is often obtained from willing donors who sell or donate their hair voluntarily. Additionally, reputable suppliers ensure fair compensation and ethical practices throughout the sourcing process.

Raw hair is highly sought after for its authenticity, quality, and natural appearance. It provides individuals with the opportunity to enhance their hairstyle or create custom extensions and wigs that closely resemble their own hair.
3. How long will my extensions last?

Our virgin collection lasts up to one year with proper care.

Our Raw collection lasts up to 3-5+ years with proper care.
4. Why are there short pieces in my extensions?

Just like your natural hair there will be various lengths throughout the weft. The length is determined by the longest hair strands. When hair is collected from its donor, it is pulled back into a ponytail and cut. As hair naturally grows in nature, not all strands will be the same length. Some maybe longer, some maybe shorter. Hair is thicker at the root and naturally thins out toward the ends. This collection is known as single drawn. Hair is measured when pulled straight. Double drawn hair extensions take it a step further. After the first pass, the short hairs are removed and replaced with hairs of the same length, ensuring that the extensions are the same thickness from root to tip. Hair is then trimmed to ensure uniformed thickness. Double drawn bundles are typically more expensive due to the extra work ensuring hair is thick from root to tip. Our Brazilian collection is single drawn. Our luxe Raw Indonesian is double drawn. Our affordable raw Indonesian is single drawn.
5. How many bundles do I need?

Virgin Brazilian we recommend two bundles for 12-14 and three bundles for 16-30.

Raw Indonesian I recommend three bundles for 12-20 and four bundles for 22-30.

6. Can I color treat my extensions?

Yes! All of our raw extensions can be colored and lifted to 613 blonde or any hair color you desire by a professional. Our Brazilian collection can lift to honey blonde (27) by a professional. Please proceed with caution when lifting hair so you do not damage the curl pattern or wave. We do not recommend lifting the Brazilian collection pass the 27 color. Please note we strongly suggest you consult a professional hair stylist which lessens the risk of permanently damaging the hair. Please condition hair after coloring. We are not liable if any hair becomes damaged by a non-professional due to coloring and/or bleaching as well as styling errors such as shedding due to weft cutting. We are not responsible for over processed hair.

7. How much hair is in each bundle?

Bundles are 110 grams or 3.5-4 ounces.


8. How do I care for my wig with raw hair?

We recommend co-washing your raw hair at least once every two weeks. Please do not use any other products on our hair outside of the recommendations: Aussie shampoo/conditioner, Dove Intensive repair shampoo/conditioner, joico shampoo/conditioner. (NO EXCEPTIONS, nothing else, nothing more certain products will ruin the longevity of your bundles NO SILICONE MIX AT ALL, NO TRESEMME, NO CANTU) Curly/wavy textures we recommend you co-washing once a week. This will help to refresh, hydrate, and keep them moisturized. Because raw hair is not coated with the chemicals and processing that many other hair extensions are coated with, it is essential that you co-wash and use a lightweight oil or hydration serum often to keep them moisturized. Please note raw hair can become dry (if it becomes too dry it can tangle) and will need a deep condition and a serum. For serums I recommend bio silk.

9. What is Shop Pay/Klarna?

Shop Pay/Klarna is a payment option that allows customers to receive the product after order is placed but pay it off over time. The customer will have four interest free payments over a six-week time period. Shop Pay/Klarna eligibility check has no impact to credit. Please note you cannot use Klarna for you 1-on-1 wig class, but you can use Shop Pay. Rates from 0%-36% APR. Payment options through Shop Pay Installments, are subject to an eligibility check and are provided by these lending partners: Options depend on your purchase amount, and a down payment may be required. State notices to consumers

10. How do I order a custom unit?

All custom unit orders can be fulfilled by filling out the custom unit order inquiry form:

Once you complete the form a customized quote will be sent within 24 hours via email and the order will be processed via our website. All luxe custom units require 10-21 business day turnaround time. Our affordable collection is 10-14 business days. During major holiday/sales please add up to an additional 5 business days. All custom units come with a one-time free rejuvenation: send your unit back in, unit will be washed, deep conditioned, and restyled. 

10. What is the Wigmaking 1-on-1 master class?

This is an in-person course held in Atlanta, Georgia. The exact location will be disclosed in your confirmation email. There are two courses available one course is 3 hours and its customization only or sewing machine only. The full course is 9 hours and includes customization, transferring of measurements, bleaching knots, toning knots, sewing machine setup, customization, styling, guidelines, doubling wefts. Sewing machine, bleach, developer, canvas head, shampoo, styling tools/products will be available to use during the duration of the class. You are only required to bring your own hair/closure/frontal. Please bring 2-3 full bundles. No ridgeless lace closures or frontals. If you need a closure/frontal/hair for class, please let me know ten business days in advance. Please ensure all hair is washed and dried completely prior to class. A non-refundable deposit of $150 is due at the time of registration. The remaining balance is due the day of your class in cash, zelle, or apple pay.

 11. How do I take my measurements for a custom wig?

To achieve a custom fit, head measurements must be taken. Please ensure measurements are taken properly with a tape measure because we will not issue a refund due to improper measurements. Proper measurements are the responsibility of the client. Measurements should only be taken on flat hair only (braid down preferred). If for any reason you cannot take your measurements in a proper braid down, please reach out to me prior to placing an order. Taking measurements for your wig with a sewin, natural state hair with no braids, or a ponytail can result in improper measurements. Sizes (S,M,L) are based on a universal sizing chart (listed below) and may or may not be a custom fit for your head. Custom measurements are always better for fitting purposes versus the universal sizing chart. If you have any hair loss conditions, please put that in your notes of your order after contacting me. If you have any concerns or need help with your measurements, please contact us at If you send in the wrong measurements, we are not liable for your wig not fitting. You will be subjected to a reconstruction fee. If you have any special hair conditions i.e. (alopecia, hair loss) you must contact me prior to placing an order. I request the six measurements below.

12. What is the difference between Luxe Affordable Wigs and the Luxe Signature Collection?

The difference between the Luxe Affordable Wigs and the Luxe Signature Collection is the Luxe Signature Collection only has double drawn raw Indonesian hair on all wigs. The Luxe Affordable Wigs are all single drawn raw Indonesian hair. 

13. Why is my discount code not woking?

The discount is not valid with certain collections: affordable collection, wig classes. and RTS wigs. The discount code will not work if the item has already been marked down.